Stainless Steel Shackles

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High quality stainless steel shackle set available in two sizes.

Lockable hinged collar, hand cuffs and  foot cuffs with connecting chains.


  • Hand cuff 57 x 47MM
  • Ankle cuffs diameter 77 x 65MM
  • Collar Diameter 118MM
  • Collar to foot cuffs length approx 120cm
  • Handcuffs chain length approx 5cm
  • Footcuffs chain length approx 36cm.


  • Hand cuff 65 x 53MM
  • Ankle cuffs 87 x 72MM
  • Collar Diameter 135MM
  • Collar to foot cuffs chain length approx 120cm
  • Hand cuffs chain length approx 5cm
  • Foot cuffs chain length approx 36cm

0.5cm thick stainless steel used throughout.

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